Educating Through Real-World Contributions

and loving every minute of it

Our Ambitions

We were founded with a rebellious and lofty goal: to offer a platform that allows younger generations and businesses to partner with one another to make a mark on the world. After all, each of us have something to share. We each have a voice, a passion, a perception. The potential to add a fragment to the world’s story.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was too simple: as recent college students stuck in front of inexperienced professors, we had always wanted to share our ideas (improved marketing strategies, product development ideas, etc.) with companies. But, what companies would want our ideas? It turns out, a lot of companies would had loved to hear our novel perspectives. We built to create a link between college students with this same problem and companies so that the two parties can form a mutually satisfying relationship.

Learning through real-world experience is a must...

Currently studying at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN; I am double majoring in finance and real estate. My passions include real estate, entrepreneurship and traveling. One day I hope to become a full-time real estate investor.

MICHAEL MASON  //  Co-Founder, CFO

We are all daydreamers that have the ability to test those ideas ...

My business is launching businesses. My latest venture is, the most exciting innovation platform on earth. I am someone society deems a crazy person. I believe that each of us can work on bringing things that do not exist to life by failing over and over again until we make it into something special. We can all be starters, initiators, and challengers. We can all be “entrepreneurs.”

BOBBY MASON  //  Co-Founder, CEO

All developers create websites...

But not every developer creates an incredible experience that is universally loved by every person that uses the platform. I'm creating the perfect site for you to innovate on. I can't wait for you to see my work in June.

IAN HESS  //  Technical Founder, Lead Developer

I'm a backend beast...

I am a nerd, living and breathing technology in all aspects of my life. You can find me having fun with my nose in Wired magazine and Psychology Today or watching a good comedy film.

ERIC DOWELL  //  Technical Founder

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