Early Start!

Even with zero scientific evidence of improved financial success from waking early, it’s still safe to say there is a reason many of the ultra-successful choose to wake up in the early am hours.


Crowdsolving: Finding the Right Crowd (Factor 2)

It’s no surprise that the usefulness of crowdsolving stems from the ability of an organization to effectively attract then engage with a large crowd of external or internal entities. Hence the name crowdsolving. It is this crowd that brings value to the organization. Likewise, it is this very crowd that an organization must provide value to.


Elite Planning

If everyone has the same number of hours in the day, why does it seem as if some people are able to achieve so much more than you? How do they always manage to accomplish more, have more, earn more? If time is more valuable than money, how have some people been able to optimize time differently than others? The answer is simple… They plan.


Writing Differently

Whether you want to write a blog, publish a book, or just blow away fellow coworkers with your incredible emails, learning to write will play a key role in your professional success. The key to learning how to write properly is simple: “Write like crap if you have to. But write every day and always keep the streak alive” -Beth Dunn...


Crowdsolving: Challenge Topic, Background Info & Deliverables (Factor 1)

How does crowdsolving look in practice? It usually involves an organization asking an online audience to submit ideas, prototypes, or feedback in order to provoke innovation. Although it may first appear as if crowdsolving is predominantly a means for an organization to access new ideas, this is not true. There are five main objectives that crowdsolving can achieve:


The Practices of Critical Thinkers

Critical thinking is the ability to be disciplined enough intellectually to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate a situation before acting or forming a belief. Here are a few practices that can help make you “better” than the normal everyday thinkers (humble brag):


Crowdsolving: A Better Way To Outsource Innovation

Today’s most innovative companies are more consistently asking for out-of-house help on parts of the innovation process that have traditionally been controlled by internal sources. This is outsourcing innovation. Today, 79% of Top 50 Global Innovators use such outsourcing practices to connect with external crowds during the in...


Critical Thinking: The Assessment

To ensure that you don’t become the employee that pisses off your boss, be sure that you are thinking critically, use the following accepted standards and questions to keep yourself focused on improving the quality of your reasoning and questions....


Finding Energy For Success

With the list in hand, ask yourself the following question: “If I had to choose between the first activity and the second activity, which activity do I enjoy doing more?” If you can’t decide, close your eyes and imagine a life where the first activity consumes your entire work week and the...


​Energy Leads To Achievement

“Life is short, too short.” With little time to waste and so much life to live, it is essential that you spend this week focusing on figuring out what gives you energy, what makes you happy, and what your passionate about. High school and college is the time in your life when you get to explore and discover...


A Company's Best Friend: Innovation

Of course you’ve already heard it, companies today need to be innovative. “Those companies who aren’t innovating are dying. Just think Blackberry, Blockbuster, and Kodak.” This idea is rather cliché by now. But how truthful is it and what does it actually mean to be innovative?


Design Sprint Day 5: Validate

The moment of truth… now that you have built a prototype on Day 4, you will test it with real users. The final day of the design sprint is all about better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team’s idea. After all, right now you have little certainty whether or not your top idea is actually good.


Design Sprint Day 4: Prototype

Building the prototype should take your team no longer then seven hours. A lot of people may argue that this is an unrealistically short amount of time to build a lifelike version...


Design Sprint Day 3: Decide

Remember, the design sprint team is still in the dark about each other’s ideas. This is all about to change. The idea sketches should be taped on one wall, nicely spread out. The identity of each idea author will remain anonymous.


Design Sprint Day 2: Ideate

It’s time to dive into Day 2, Ideate. This may be surprising, but the first step in the ideation phase of the design sprint commonly begins with searching for existing solutions. You may ask, “I’m trying to innovate, and you want me to think about existing solutions?”


Design Sprint Day 1: Understand

Day 1 is all about the team putting their heads together to fully understand the challenge at hand. This starts with explicitly stating the goals for the week ahead, then connecting those very goals to the long-term strategy of the company.


Preparing For A Design Sprint

Now that we have covered the basics of this powerful process, it is time to dive deeper into each phase. After all, there are many variations of the design sprint.


Design Sprint: ideate solutions to customer-facing problems

Nowadays, all the craze in the enigmatic world of startups and innovative design seems to be about the Design Sprint. If you have worked on a design team of any type or have experience in contemporary product development, it is likely that you are already well acquainted with this process.


Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean, and Agile: Differences

With a simple online search, it becomes apparent that there is much confusion around Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean, and Agile. Are they exclusive from one another? Is Agile only for developers? When do you use one and not the other? The truth is that these can all be made valuable tools for entrepreneurs, product development teams, developers and more.


Design Thinking Approach: What is it?

At GoMahi.com we firmly believe in the power of design thinking – and so do millions of individuals across the world. In fact, many of the world’s most innovative companies and inventors have made themselves masters in design thinking.






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Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean, and Agile: Differences

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Design Thinking Approach: What is it?

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