Improve Marketing Strategies Using Gen Z Consumer Insights

University students use a proven innovation process to share customer-centric marketing solutions.

Define Your Problem  |  Students Solve  |  Gain Marketing Insights

Example Challenges

Compass Sports Inc.

What giveaways will boost college student attendance at professional basketball events?

Ace Photos LLC

What referral program will bring new millennial users to our premium photo editing app?

Microsoft Corp.

How can Microsoft stores increase foot traffic through an improved social media campaign?

MusicAngel Inc.

What will convince younger generations to pay extra for music streaming in order to better support artists?

How Does Work?

DEFINE YOUR PROBLEM  |  students solve  |  gain marketing insights

Define Your Problem

Your company's marketing challenge is launched within days.

You have a marketing challenge (problem), our college students have solutions. We will help you connect with students trained in design thinking by turning your challenge into a creative competition in just a couple of days.

define your problem  |  students solve  |  gain marketing insights

Students Solve

Students solve your problem using a proven process.

Students find marketing solutions using the platform as a guide to complete the design sprint process. This customer-centric process takes students through the design, prototyping, and testing of creative ideas.

define your problem  |  students solve  |  gain marketing insights

Gain Marketing Insights

Learn from student analysis as they submit entries.

Receive submissions full of customer interviews, innovative ideas, and customer-tested prototypes. Because we moderate submissions and offer guidance to our students throughout the competition, you can expect great results. Plus, you own all IP rights!

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