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What is

We are a company with an awesome name! Our mission is to educate through real world contributions. Currently, that means helping students solve business problems while taking advantage of an innovation and implementation process called the design sprint.

What is the design sprint?

The design sprint is a five-step process first popularized by a group of engineers at Google Ventures to come up with innovative ideas. students are brought through the following phases: Understand, Diverge, Converge, Prototype, and Test.

Who can participate in a challenge?

Although challenges are geared towards college students, challenges are open to anybody over the age of 18 with a valid email address. If you are a college student, please use your .edu email address so we can direct you towards challenges specific to your college or university. Gratzi!

But I’m just a philosophy major who knows zilch about business. Should I still participate?

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Your mind is astoundingly unique; companies would love to hear from you.

Can international students join

Currently, no international students can join challenges. But hopefully soon college students worldwide will be able to… We’ll keep you updated on this one mate.


What is a challenge?

A challenge is a real world problem that one of our business partners posts on These businesses need your help finding solutions to their biggest problems.

Why join a challenge?

We know it, college education kinda sucks. All you do is read from a marketing textbook written by a 92-year-old marketing “doctor” who hasn’t sold an item in his life. Wouldn’t you rather get some real world experience and make tangible contributions in the business world by sharing your ideas while learning the design sprint process (a great resume booster). Also, you can win lots of cash… ching ching!

How long will it take to complete a challenge?

It’s all dependent on how much work you feel like putting in. If you’re feeling lazy, it might only take you 90 minutes (please plan on at least 90 minutes though). If you’re feeling motivated and want to learn the true power of the design sprint process, it could take you up to 10 hours in total. Obviously, the more time you put into a challenge, the better results you will submit. To decode that even further, you will have a much better chance of winning challenge if you put in more time.

What happens to my challenge submission?

Your submission will be sent to and reviewed by the business who originally listed the challenge. Once you contribute to a challenge, the corresponding business owns the ideas listed in the submission. This same business will rank all of the challenge submissions. These rankings will ultimately determine who the winners are.

What happens if I do not complete my challenge submission by the deadline?

Uh-oh… looks like you need to get your life together. Just kidding, if you cannot finish the necessary phases of the process, your submission will not be sent to challenge company. Sorry.


How much money can I win?

Some challenges are different from others. Each challenge payout is noted on the respective challenge page. Check it out there. If you’re still confused, please see a doctor (or just shoot us a message and we will help answer whatever questions you have).

How do I win?

If your submission receives enough total points to be in the top 50 percentile, then you will win some dough. Importantly, companies will rank each submission solely on the Prototype, Test Prototype and Additional Information Sections.

However, students receive additional points for each phase they complete which is added to the total challenge submission point total that determines the winners. Generally, if you complete the entire design sprint process instead of just the necessary phases, your chances of winning money increase from 50% to 80%.

How do I get paid my winnings?

Our friends over at Stripe make this process painless! Once your account has a balance, you can cash out your earnings on the My Earnings page when logged in.

What are Mahi Points?

Mahi Points are simply the total number of points you have ever earned on Someday, it is our vision that once a student receives certain amounts of Mahi Loot, he or she will receive mystery prizes from



What companies can use

Although all businesses and departments are welcome to partner with, a majority of our partners are from the marketing, R&D, and product departments of medium sized businesses. Reach out to see if we’d be a good fit.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is a real world problem that you want those on the platform to solve. A large majority of these individuals are college students who are excited to share their ideas and insights with you. is special because we take each student through an online process called the design sprint to assure truly innovative, feasible solutions. Learn more about challenges here.

How does my company setup a challenge?

Get in contact with us so that we can teach you more about challenges and how to set one up.

How long is an individual challenge submission?

Some are only a couple pages long and others are up to twelve pages long. It all depends on the individual who submitted the report.

How many submissions can I expect per challenge?

This depends on a number of factors including challenge type, company industry, amount of prize money offered, and much more. Regardless, companies usually receive 15-24 challenge submissions.

Are there any guarantees for companies?

Yes! We guarantee at least 10 challenge submissions or most of your money back. No matter how many submissions, we will have to hold onto the prize amount of your payment (usually $600) but will return the rest of your original payment instantly.

Who submits challenge reports?

Although all those in the U.S. over the age of 18 are able to complete a challenge, U.S. college students are by far the most common to

How long does a challenge take from start to finish?

Challenges take 6 weeks. The challenge is live for four weeks, then the company who posted the challenge is expected to review and score all challenge submissions within two weeks of the deadline.

How do companies rank the challenge submissions?

Each company is asked to score all challenge submissions using a standard letter grading system. The score is based solely on a small portion of each report, making it quick and easy to score.

Does my company own the IP?

Of course! All those submitting challenges on agree fully to transfer their ownership rights.

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