As a B2B (business-to-business) company, is called to create marketing strategies that generate measurable results. And at the center of any B2B marketing success is brand awareness—the percentage of a target market who are aware of the brand—which can be difficult to measure and requires significant creativity (and lots of patience). Still being a young business, wants your help building our B2B brand awareness prelaunch.

What creative B2B marketing strategy can we use to increase brand awareness prior to our June 2019 launch?


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MARCH 21, 2019

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COMPANY BACKGROUND is a platform that offers companies an outstanding ROI on outsourced innovation by giving instant access to a large and expanding network of college students who are trained in design thinking methodologies.

Quickly finding and testing customer centric business solutions is a key pain point for today’s rapidly innovating companies. We solve this problem with our unique platform that incentivizes a large student network to solve company challenges by recording design sprint data and then uploading those solutions to a social platform. Subsequently, students use the social stream by responding, sharing, and “voting up” or “voting down” ideas to provide further validation. At the end of each challenge, companies review submissions using a dashboard which displays solver insights & data, challenge statistics, and customer-centric mvps (minimum viable products).

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INDUSTRY BACKGROUND is defined as a crowdsolving platform. Here is a short bit of context on the industry:

Crowdsourcing is the growing movement around the world. With nearly 4 billion Internet users world-wide and another 1 billion individuals gaining access to the Internet by 2020, crowdsourcing presents an opportunity for companies to tap in the inventive and competitive spirit of a diverse group of talent. Crowdsourcing as of 2017: $6.5 billion is the U.S. crowdsourcing market (excluding crowdfunding), 37% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), and consists of 3,000 open crowdsourcing websites. lives within this crowdsourcing industry… but more specifically, we live within the crowdsolving industry, which we believe is the future of innovation. The concept of crowdsolving is simple: access innovative solutions through large pools of external talent by crowdsourcing in a world of increased digital connectivity.

The benefits of crowdsolving are exponential for companies looking to innovate, it allows the following: faster prototyping and design, lower development and solution costs, unbiased innovation, customer-centric data, access to practically unlimited external talent, and crowd collaboration.



B2B marketing, or Business to Business marketing, is a marketing strategy that helps companies market their product to another company. The main focus of a B2B marketing strategy is to meet the needs of other businesses, and is a big part of the value chain the culminated in the end product sold to clients. B2B marketing strategies vary from advertising in trade journals, conventions and conferences, to the more recent digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, the development of online stores, email marketing/complex drip campaigns, and social media adds.


Brand awareness is the level of consciousness of a company. It measures a potential customer’s ability to not only recognize a brand image, but to also associate it with a certain company’s product or service.

Brand awareness is best spread through both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. When competition in an industry is high, brand awareness can be one of a business’s greatest assets. With the vast amount of products options, having a differentiated message and an audience that can distinguish a company’s brand from its competitors is crucial. It can mean the difference between success and failure for a company.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: What creative B2B marketing strategy can we use to increase brand awareness prior to our June 2019 launch?


B2B marketing isn’t new, but the challenges faced by new and emerging companies today make it extremely difficult to consistently source quality leads.

Sure, leads have always been a B2B marketing challenge.

So what’s our problem? Why is B2B marketing so difficult for a startup like

A big part of B2B marketing is brand awareness. Companies often base purchasing decisions on the level of familiarity with a particular brand. The problem is,, being a startup, currently has little brand awareness with potential customers.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) for, technology is quickly changing B2B marketing, which presents us with both a challenge and an opportunity. A 2015 Bain & Company release stated that nearly 90% of B2B marketing and sales executives do not feel prepared to sell to the digital-savvy customer—the evolved business buyer. We have to face two truths at

1. A company's digital footprint and brand awareness determines whether it makes it to the short list of vendors.

2. Such decisions are now being driven frequently by millennial decision makers.

What does this mean for

It means that we need to build an impactful B2B marketing strategy that cuts through the noise, generates real leads, and effectively addresses real customers, all the while introducing ourselves as a trustworthy player in a quickly growing crowdsolving market. The truth is, if we don’t launch our company in June with a strategy so unique, creative, and mind blowing, we won’t be able to grow into the crowdsolving platform that we aspire to become.




We expect your solutions to fulfills some of the following brand objectives:

1. Identity & Image

a. Come up with a strategy that helps us establish an identity for our brand in the crowdsolving market as a platform that reaches an especially creative crowd of college student solvers trained in Design Thinking Methodologies.

2. Recognition and Awareness

a. A strategy that will increase the percentage of customers who recognize our brand name.

3. Engagment

a. A strategy that increases how often customers who regularly purchase our brand.

4. Brand Loyalty

a. A strategy that increases the number of customers who regularly purchase our brand.

5. Market Reach

a. A strategy that increases our ability to reach new companies and organizations.


Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:

1. Meet Objectives

2. Creativity

3. Originality

4. Ease of Implementation

5. Cost of implementation

6. Social Impact and Reach


MARCH 1, 2019

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MARCH 21, 2019

Deadline For Submissions

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