Step 1: Check out the Company Home Page

Look around a little. Check out the awesome free content on the site, including our podcast and blog.

Step 2: Email Us

This is our proof of concept site, therefore the additional features that allow you to sign up for a challenge on your own won't be available until June 2019. Please don't hesitate to reach out! The results are amazing.

Step 3: Meet With Us

Once we get your email, we can find a time to walk you through the process and more thoroughly explain next steps. We'll work together to design the perfect challenge statement for your company's problem.

Step 4: Launch the Challenge

As soon as we have designed the perfect challenge together, we will open it up to the crowd. The crowd will then complete a Design Sprint as they work to discover the perfect customer-centric solution.

Step 5: Receive the Solutions

After 21 days on our site, we will send you all solver submissions. will organize this data in easy-to-read reports. In June 2019, expect a more comprehensive company dashboard that allows you to better sort, analyze, and vote for top solutions.

Step 6: Choose the Winners

At, we reward the top 50% of participants. Assigning each submission a point value (0-100) allows us to properly reward these participants. Plus, the transfer of cash between the participants and allows us to grant full IP rights to solutions.

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