Actionable Weekly Life Hacks

Rich Gannon

Weekly Life Hack: Focus on asking a lot of questions. It may be awkward at first but it will give you invaluable insights into whatever topic you are asking about.

Greg Frankenfield

Weekly Life Hack: Practice getting up early to get some extra time to care for yourself before you start your busy day. You will likely have to force yourself to wakeup early.

Jake Sturgis

Weekly Life Hack: Practice getting up early. This is exactly what Greg Frankenfield suggested in Podcast 2. Is this a coincidence? Probably not!

David Hoy, PhD

Weekly Life Hack: NETWORK! Reach out to and schedule a meeting this week with a successful individual in the field you are interested in to learn from his or her experience.

Jimmy Fritz

Weekly Life Hack: TAKE ACTION ON ADVICE! Find a life hack from your favorite business book, guru, or mentor and execute it over the next seven days.

Tim Koeppl

Weekly Life Hack: Take ten minutes every night before you go to bed to plan your next day. Write a brief schedule of the day as well as your goals for tomorrow. Also, write a list of ten things you are grateful for from the day that just passed.

Melinda Emerson

Weekly Life Hack: Pick up that book that you know you should be reading and actually read it. You will become better because of it.

John Rasmussen

Weekly Life Hack: John is a huge proponent of self-awareness. Take the StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths) test this week and think about how and why you act the way you do.

Mark Moe

Weekly Life Hack: Every night, map out your tomorrow. Write down what you need to accomplish and prioritize. Then, on the next day, make sure you follow through.

Paul Isenberg

Weekly Life Hack: Exercise! This doesn't have to be the weight room but could be a relaxing 20-minute walk or run every day. And remember, you don't have to work every minute of the day to become successful. Sometimes, you need to step away, take a break, and focus on your health.

Howard Root

Weekly Life Hack: Work on the way you speak. Find videos online to provide guidance; complete some speaking exercises.

Mark Daoust

Weekly Life Hack: Go online to learn how to bullet journal AND take 10-15 minutes each day, set down all electronics and get away from outside noise. Take some time to think.

Mark Norquist

Weekly Life Hack: Think of one person who will help you live your best life. This could be an influencer you’ve always admired from afar, a business mogul in an industry you’re interested in, a successful neighbor, etc. Create a plan of action of how you will reach this individual to develop a personal relationship with.

Trent Tucker

Weekly Life Hack: Create and write out a plan for your next five years. If you have no plan, you have no direction.

Ron Mason, MD

Weekly Life Hack: Define success then figure out what you want to get out of life as a business person. Write these things down and put them on a wall. Get ready to work hard and stay focused.

Gail Dorn

Weekly Life Hack: Build quiet time into your schedule to take care of yourself spiritually. Take at least ten minutes per day to say a prayer of gratitude or, if not religious, meditate.

Steven Adams

Weekly Life Hack: When you’re in your first or second job out of school, your mindset has to be all about learning and relationships. Develop and internalize this mindset this week.

Alex Lieberman

Weekly Life Hack: Everyday, turn off your phone for at least 3 consecutive hours while you are working. You will be amazed with your increase in productivity.

Marcus Whitney

Weekly Life Hack: Think about ways you can use the internet as a way to broadcast your personal brand. Begin getting people’s attention.

Brady Riesgraf

Weekly Life Hack: Find that one passion project or skill you’ve always wanted to develop and take action. Tomorrow never comes. Set aside 1 hour per day this week to focus on whatever that project or task may be.

Steven Reeves

Weekly Life Hack: Watch and learn from this TED Talk on how to tie your shoe laces the right way.

Suzanne Corso

Weekly Life Hack: Go on social media and find those people who are bringing you down. Get these people out of your life to make room for those who will bring you positive energy.

Lee Hutton

Weekly Life Hack: This week, think about how you can dance in the rain. And this all starts with understanding what makes you happy. And once you figure out what makes you happy, you need to use critical thinking skills to figure out how you can make a living out of that very thing.

Justin Evans

Weekly Life Hack: Work on critical thinking this week. Live your life thinking through everything you do; determine how you can be more efficient. Take some time before the task to figure out how to more effectively do the task. Changing a little thing can make a three-step task become one-step.

Paul Batz

Weekly Life Hack: Fill out The Seven Fs Wheel and do a better job embracing Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future. Also this week, find someone to mentor.

Gary Stern

Weekly Life Hack: WIN. Win in the morning. Wakeup thirty minutes earlier than usual and start the day off right. Workout and/or meditate. Then complete your day’s most important task before working on anything else.

Dr. Joe G.

Weekly Life Hack: Focus on your eating habits. Try to eat healthier to maximize your life. Set aside some time this week to think about how you can make changes that will better your future.

Ozzie Nelson

Weekly Life Hack: Set aside some time to answer three questions. Question 1: What gives you energy? Question 2: What do you think your real, unique skillsets and passions are? Question 3: Are you currently on the path to take advantage of your answers to Questions 1 and 2? If not, it’s time for a change.

Nathan Hirsch

Weekly Life Hack: Personal Hack - This week exercise more and eat better. This will lead to a more productive week. Professional Hack - Make an account on a scheduling app such as Calendly this week to allow others to more easily schedule a time to meet with you. 

Jerry Holl

Weekly Life Hack: Ask yourself right now, “What have I wanted to do that I haven’t yet done?” Go do that very thing this week. Stop kicking around.”

Jim Watkins

Weekly Life Hack: Make yourself turbo coffee this week. Blend together 6-8 ounces of coffee with an egg, a tablespoon of butter, and honey to sweeten things up.

Peggy Stefan

Weekly Life Hack: At the end of everyday this week sit down and plan out the next day. Plan what you need to get done tomorrow and block off times to get those very things done.


Weekly Life Hack: Try something new this week that you might fail at.


Julian Ocampo

Weekly Life Hack: Before you move on with your week, set a seemingly unreachable goal and go try to accomplish that goal. Never do just the minimum.

Alicia Waldner

Weekly Life Hack: Have one focus. Write down your major dreams and aspirations then prioritize them. For the most important one, focus on it. Give it your all.

Lee Wallace

Weekly Life Hack: Don’t sweat the small stuff this week. Take a step back, take the long vision.

Brady Riesgraf Pt. 2

Weekly Life Hack: Go through your week and figure out to the minute how you spend your time. Find out where your time goes and how you can better use it. You can use a tool like ATracker.

Bobby Mason Pt. 2

Weekly Life Hack: Become more comfortable with doing the uncomfortable. Go lay in middle of the floor at the mall or ask for half off your next purchase.

Richard Wilson

Weekly Life Hack: Figure out your monthly, quarterly, and annual goal. Print off a visual for each one of these goals on a single piece of paper. Place printouts all around, on your desk, in your shower, in your car, etc.

Mike Zeller

Weekly Life Hack: Go on airplane mode each day. Block out time where you focus on your goals while putting your phone on airplane mode.

Chuck Hengel

Weekly Life Hack: Cleanup your life. Delete files on your computer that you no longer need and clean out your closet. Also, find activities in your life that you should cut out.

Heide Olson

Weekly Life Hack: Call your mom! Also, spend time building professional relationships. Relationships will get you as far or further than the work you do.


Brian Carlson

Weekly Life Hack: Go to Google. Type in “how to set goals” and come up with 3 goals you have for the next year. Then, set a plan of how you will accomplish these goals. If you don’t set goals, you will wander around aimlessly.

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