Design Sprint Day 3: Decide

Remember, the design sprint team is still in the dark about each other’s ideas. This is all about to change. The idea sketches should be taped on one wall, nicely spread out. The identity of each idea author will remain anonymous.


Design Sprint Day 2: Ideate

It’s time to dive into Day 2, Ideate. This may be surprising, but the first step in the ideation phase of the design sprint commonly begins with searching for existing solutions. You may ask, “I’m trying to innovate, and you want me to think about existing solutions?”


Design Sprint Day 1: Understand

Day 1 is all about the team putting their heads together to fully understand the challenge at hand. This starts with explicitly stating the goals for the week ahead, then connecting those very goals to the long-term strategy of the company.


Preparing For A Design Sprint

Now that we have covered the basics of this powerful process, it is time to dive deeper into each phase. After all, there are many variations of the design sprint.


Design Sprint: ideate solutions to customer-facing problems

Nowadays, all the craze in the enigmatic world of startups and innovative design seems to be about the Design Sprint. If you have worked on a design team of any type or have experience in contemporary product development, it is likely that you are already well acquainted with this process.


Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean, and Agile: Differences

With a simple online search, it becomes apparent that there is much confusion around Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean, and Agile. Are they exclusive from one another? Is Agile only for developers? When do you use one and not the other? The truth is that these can all be made valuable tools for entrepreneurs, product development teams, developers and more.


Design Thinking Approach: What is it?

At GoMahi.com we firmly believe in the power of design thinking – and so do millions of individuals across the world. In fact, many of the world’s most innovative companies and inventors have made themselves masters in design thinking.





January 31, 2019

Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean, and Agile: Differences

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Design Thinking Approach: What is it?

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