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  • We will be changing the format of the podcast to be longer with more guest-specific questions.
  • Bobby answers the four questions that we will continue to ask all guests.
  • Read this time management book: The One Thing by Gary Keller.
  • We will have a great guest next Monday.

General Transcript

Bobby:  Happy Holidays! We have been very busy over this Thanksgiving weekend. We could’ve had an amazing guest on this week’s episode but decided to hold off for a week. Instead, we would like to give an update on the Master the Start podcast.

We are going to be switching things up here. We reached out to some of our listeners and got a bunch of feedback. We found out that we should be asking some different questions while making the length of each episode longer. This is perfect, as most of these VIPs that we have been interviewing have been blocking off an entire hour of time for the podcast. Now we might actually use the entire hour of time for the podcast.

So, ultimately, the first two-thirds of each podcast will be much more conversational with an amazing business guest. Then, the final one-third will be devoted to me asking the guest a set of questions that relate to young professionals.

I will go ahead and introduce those questions now. Furthermore, I will be answering those very question myself as we do not have a guest this week.

When hiring someone out of college, what are you looking for in that individual? If I were to answer this question, I’d say that I would look for a young professional that is not afraid to learn. He or she has to always keep an eye out to better him or herself when the opportunity comes. Also, I would look for a recent college graduate who wants to work hard. There are too many people out there that expect to work 9-5 and have things handed to them without putting in the sweat.

If you want to be successful, you have to put in the time. If you put in your time day after day after day, then you will eventually earn your success. This goes along with managing your time well. An amazing book for time management, The One Thing by Gary Keller, can help you with this. I recommend reading this book ASAP. Like he repeats, we all have the same amount of time everyday, so those who are successful must know how to better spend their time than those less successful.

Another thing I would be looking for is real-world experience. I have had employees and have found out that the best employees are those who already have experience in that industry or a related industry. It doesn’t necessarily have to be specific to that very job, but if the employee already knows the industry, then he or she can easily and quickly contribute to the team.

We will also be asking our guests a stupid, random question each week. This question will change from week to week. Some examples of these questions include, “Would you rather step on a Lego everyday for one week, or give yourself one paper cut between your toes?” I think I would go with paper cut. Stepping on a Lego everyday for a week, and not knowing when its coming, would be so unpleasant.

Another question we will be asking guests: what do you have to sacrifice to be successful?

I am interested in this question. I believe most of us think that we need to sacrifice a lot to become successful, but this is not necessarily true. If sacrifice means you have to give up some extra time spent at parties, on TV, playing video games etc, so be it. But, if you genuinely enjoy what you are working on, then denying some of those less valuable activities won't feel like much of a sacrifice. It will actually become your preference to work on that thing you love.

Also, to become successful, I think it is more about being true to yourself. Think about Gary-Vee. He could care less about what others think about him. He is so comfortable with himself and who he is. And this works. You can tell that there is something special about this guy because he knows himself and tries to be nobody but himself.

The fourth question we will be asking is: "what is one life-hack that young professionals should apply this week to become successful?" We have had some great responses thus far to this question. However, in the future we will really be pushing to get more concrete, actionable advice that listeners can start working on instantly.

My answer to this one would be for listeners to read a book this week related to his or her industry or expertise. Reading is so underrated nowadays. If we are willing to read and learn from those who have already done it successfully, we all of a sudden have a huge head start on others. So this week, read that book!

So, those are the questions we will ask every guest. Check in on Monday to listen to our next guest. Please reach out to us if you have any suggestions on how we can do this thing differently or more effectively. All we want to do is bring value to young professionals like you and give listeners access to those who can inspire success.

That’s all we got right now. We hope you have a fantastic week and we will talk to you next Monday. Bye-bye.




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