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Example Challenges

Amazon Inc.

You can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?

Alphabet Inc.

If you had a self driving vehicle, what innovative features would you like included?

Microsoft Corp.

How can Minecraft apply the game's world-building approach to school education?

Apple Inc.

What kind of application should we design to help compliment iTunes U (free courses app)?

How Does Work?

launch challenge  |  student participation  |  student SUBMISSIONS  |  choose winners

Launch Challenge

Your company's challenge is launched within days.

You have a challenge (problem), our college students have solutions. We will help you connect with design thinkers from all over the world by turning your challenge into a creative competition in just a couple of days.

launch challenge  |  student participation  |  student SUBMISSIONs  |  choose winners

Student Participation

Students participate in the competition.

We ensure that students use our proprietary teaching and planning software to create added value through Design Sprint Methodologies. Students seek target audience feedback, brainstorm, prototype, and then interview real users for validation or instructive criticism.

launch challenge  |  student participation  |  student SUBMISSIONS  |  choose winners

Student Submissions

Students submit their entries.

You receive all student submissions that are full of customer interviews, brainstormed ideas, and customer tested prototypes. Because we moderate incoming submissions and offer guidance to our students throughout the competition, you can expect great results.

launch challenge  |  student participation  |  student SUBMISSIONs  |  choose winners

Choose Winners

You choose the submission winners.

Students responsible for your favorite submissions are rewarded with cash prizes. Once you rank submissions, your company will have exclusive IP rights to all solutions. You will also award certificates to deserving student participants to honor students for their hard work.

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