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  • 55:20 – Quick Fire Questions
  • THIS WEEK: Bring critical thinking into your daily life to make things more efficient. Starting this week, try to make this a habit in your everyday life.


These two lawyers, partners at Hutton Kluz Evans, have experience representing some big names in entertainment as well as Fortune 500 companies and their executives. More specifically, Lee Hutton has represented celebrities such as Kris Humphries and Sean Combs in high-profile cases. Listen as they open up about litigation and what it takes to be a successful lawyer and businessperson.


[Lee and Justin talk about representing big names, being persuasive, and the rewarding nature of working in litigation.]


Bobby: Here’s our random question: If you were randomly placed in an insane asylum, how would you convince others that you are not insane.

Justin Evans: I think I would just wait and trust that those running the asylum would realize that I’m not actually insane. I don’t belong there.

Lee Hutton: Yeah, I would be there forever. I would argue and then just get kicked out of the asylum and get sent to another one. I would do this until I find the asylum that I can easily escape from.

Bobby: What skills does a young professional need to have out of college?

Lee Hutton: I think you have to be a risk taker nowadays to become successful. You need the ability to come out of your shell and be uncomfortable once in a while. Also, you have to be able to communicate with others and engage multiple cultural variables. A person who is sort of a cultural anthropologist can be really successful. Thirdly, if you can be a genuine person, you will be successful.

Justin Evans: I think the only skill that really makes any difference is having the ability to critical think.

Bobby: What do you have to give up for success?

Lee Hutton: Sleep. If you really want to become successful and become good at what you do, you will have to live and breath that thing. And, unfortunately, this means you will likely have to sacrifice sleep. This is just a result of having to outwork others.

Justin Evans: Mine is pretty much the same, time. If you want to become successful at something, you cannot half-ass it, you must whole-ass it. And realize, you have 24 hours in the day so prioritization of your day is very important. You may have to see your family less, or vacation less, or read less. You may have to limit some leisure activities.

Bobby: Last question: What is one life hack that listeners can do this week to become successful?

Justin Evans: Work on critical thinking this week. Live your life thinking through everything you do; determine how you can be more efficient. Take some time before the task to figure out how to more effectively do the task. Changing a little thing can make a three-step task become one-step. Forming this habit can make life a lot easier.

Lee Hutton: This week, think about how you can dance in the rain. And this all starts with understanding what makes you happy. And once you figure out what makes you happy, you need to use critical thinking skills to figure out how you can make a living out of that very thing.

Bobby: Well, thank you both for joining us today. We’ll talk soon.


Some reminders from this podcast:

1. Lee shares 3 traits successful college students should have out of college: being okay with risk and discomfort, communicating effectively with a diverse group of people, and being a genuine person.

2. THIS WEEK: Bring critical thinking into your daily life to make things more efficient. Starting this week, try to make this a habit in your everyday life.




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