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  • THIS WEEK: This Week: Fill out The Seven Fs Wheel and do a better job embracing Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future. Also this week, find someone to mentor.


Paul Batz is CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises, a leadership coaching and publishing firm. He is an inspirational leadership coach, best selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today.


[Paul talks becoming a good leader in business.]

Bobby: Here’s our random question: Do you think the world would be better or worse if we could all read each other’s thoughts?

Paul Batz: I think it would be really scary. Seeing now with cell phones in everyone’s pockets, I don’t think society has handled all of this transparency well. I mean, if everyone with a Twitter handle who doesn’t have their personal identity attached to their account all of a sudden became revealed, I think it could be pretty scary.

Bobby: What skills does a young professional need to have out of college?

Paul Batz: A basic value system. Do what you say you will do. We have hired a lot of young people to come into our firm. And they are great, but it amazes me how many of them do not do what they say they will do. Something has told a lot of younger people that if they say they will do something, there are good excuses to not do exactly what they said they would do and when they said they would do it. If you want respect in business, you need to do what you say.

The second thing is to cultivate intellectual honesty. It’s no good to listen to something that isn’t true in their heads. Particularly, entrepreneurs. They have to be more honest with the size of the challenges they are facing, etc.

Bobby: What do you have to give up for success?

Paul Batz: Well, you can’t be at everything. For example, I have sadness for both parents and kids when those parents have been at every single hockey game the kids have ever played. It’s important to support your kid and show up at the functions that you have to be present at, but the world does not revolve around this. I see people make extraordinary and hurtful commitments to certain parts of their work lives as well as their family lives. This adds artificial stress. 

Bobby: Last question: What is one life hack that listeners can do this week to become successful?

Paul Batz: I’ll give you a double answer. This week, work on embracing the 7 Fs: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future. These things will be with you the rest of your life.

The second thing, this week try to find someone to mentor. Mentors ALWAYS get back more than what they give. If you don’t know where to get a mentor, go to the Girls & Boys Club, go to your church. Find someone to mentor. Good leadership is others orientated. And everyone can be a mentor because everyone has something to give. Name an eighteen-year-old who cannot give advice to a twelve-year-old.

Bobby: That is a great way to end the show. Thank you so much for joining us today Paul! Talk to you soon.


Some reminders from this podcast:

1. Do not forget about the importance of integrity in business. As Paul mentioned, if you say you’re going to do something, do it.

2. THIS WEEK: Fill out The Seven Fs Wheel and do a better job embracing Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future. Also this week, find someone to mentor.




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