Episode 10.5 - Paul Isenberg On HOPE & Life After Losing His Wife

Date: November 19, 2018

This is bonus content from Episode 10… thirty minutes of Paul Isenberg (Founder & CEO of Bringing Hope Home) talking about business lessons learned from running a successful nonprofit. He also opens up about life after the death of his wife and how that ultimately inspired him to help other families facing cancer.

Episode 10 - Paul Isenberg: Founder & CEO of Bringing Hope Home

Date: November 19, 2018

Paul Isenberg is a sales and organization leader with over 30 years of experience in Fortune 100 as well as small/middle market companies. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Bringing Hope Home, a nonprofit that helps families going through the cancer battle through financial assistance and other resources. The organization will cross its 5,000th family sometime later this year. Listen to Paul as he shares what he’s learned from running this successful nonprofit.

Episode 9 - Mark Moe Knows Startups

Date: November 12, 2018

This week’s guest, Mark Moe, is the Vice President of Global Business Development at GSV Capital (a.k.a. GSV Labs), an accelerator program most known for their 72,000 square foot campus at the epicenter of Silicon Valley. For the past twenty plus years, Mark has developed his understanding of business as an attorney, investment banker, and an advisor for countless startups. He was a managing director at Cherry Tree Investment Bank and a partner at Think Equity Partners. Basically, Mark has developed into an expert on startups. Tune in at he talks becoming successful with a focus on startups.

Episode 8 - John Rasmussen: Wells Fargo Head Of Personal Lending

Date: November 5, 2018

Our guest today, John Rasmussen, is an Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo’s Personal Lending Group. He is the Head of Personal Lending, meaning he is in charge of America's second largest private provider of student loans as well as Wells Fargo's personal lines and loans. This means he serves the financial needs of more than three million customers with a combined asset value of more than $23 billion. Listen to John as he shares his expertise in business with a focus on management and the development of strong self-awareness.

Episode 7 - Melinda Emerson: Forbes #1 Woman For Entrepreneurs To Follow

Date: October 29, 2018

Melinda Emerson (@smallbizlady) is an incredible woman no doubt! Her small business advice reaches more than 3 million individuals each week online. Forbes named her the number one woman for entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. She is a former columnist for the New York Times and Entrepreneur. She is frequently quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, CNBC, and Fox.

Episode 6 - Tim Koeppl: 10 Minute Plan To Succeed

Date: October 22, 2018

Tim Koeppl has done it all! He was a Logistics Office for the U.S. Marine Corps, an attorney for Dorsey & Whitney LLP, the president of multiple companies (including a subsidiary of Schwan’s), is currently the Chairman of Vaxholm Holdings, and the CEO of Suspension Systems Technologies.

Episode 5 - Jimmy Fritz (founder of The Wedding Shoppe & Kennedy Blue)

Date: October 15, 2018

Jimmy Fritz is the CEO of The Wedding Shoppe as well as the co-founder of wedding apparel accessory brands such as Kennedy Blue and Penny + Pine. Being interested in leveraging technology as a way to maximize sales, Jimmy takes pride in remaining at the forefront of innovative digital marketing strategies and product development processes.

Episode 4.5 Mini Show - David Hoy, PhD

Date: October 11, 2018

In our last episode with David Hoy—who is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and has a PhD in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement in business organizations—he spoke briefly about different types of intelligences. This discussion about intelligences went on quite a bit longer than what we included in Episode 4. Because the conversation was so interesting, we made this unedited, mini episode with the additional content. Enjoy!

Episode 4 - David Hoy, PhD (founder of David Hoy Associates)

Date: October 8, 2018

We talk with David Hoy, a psychologist who has quickly grown his influence through David Hoy & Associates. Being a psychologist with experience managing his budding firm (now with over 85 employees), David has a unique understanding of business. As he has helped executives and managers from all around the country, he is excited to help you master the start of your career in business.

Episode 3 - Jake Sturgis (founder of Captivate Media)

Date: July 11, 2018

In today’s episode, we welcome Jake Sturgis, the founder and CEO of Captivate Media. Jake founded his company in January 2014, making it his full time job. Hear about his biggest regret and what he suggests you work on this week to become more successful.

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