Episode 30 - Jerry Holl, A Non-Cyclist’s Journey from Alaska to Mexico

Date: April 15, 2019

One-day Jerry woke up and said, “I want to test myself. I should bike from Alaska to Mexico.” Coming off a lifetime of corporate positions, he wasn’t prepared for such a trip—his most trusted companion on the trip was a new bike he didn’t know how to fix. But inexperience and lack of a concrete plan didn’t stop him. Unsurprisingly, the journey taught him a lot about life the value of taking action.

Episode 29 - Nathan Hirsch, Founder of FreeeUp.com

Date: April 8, 2019

Nathan Hirsch has always been entrepreneurial. In college, he started a multimillion dollar Amazon business in his dorm room. Shortly after that, he founded FreeeUp, a leading freelance marketplace connecting businesses with the top 1% of freelancers.

Episode 28 - Ozzie Nelson, Chairman and Co-CEO of Nelson Worldwide

Date: April 1, 2019

Ozzie Nelson is the Chairman and Co-CEO of Nelson Worldwide, an architecture, design and strategy firm with over 1,100 teammates and 25 offices. Through approximately 40 acquisitions since becoming CEO of the firm, Ozzie has grown Nelson Worldwide from a boutique architecture and design firm to the third-largest in the corporate America.

Episode 27 - Dr. Joe, Plastic Surgeon, Businessman, Writer, & International Speaker

Date: March 25, 2019

Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz, a well known plastic surgeon, has developed the absorbable medical staple, is a writer, and speaks internationally. He joins us to talk about his many endeavors, including his life-changing experiences in South America helping orphans with cleft lips.

Episode 26 - Gary Stern on Networking and the “Golden Handcuffs”

Date: March 18, 2019

Gary Stern, an avid cyclist, was once in his own “miserable jail”, working long hours with little time to spend doing the things he loved the most. After the Great Recession, he chose to ditch his corporate life and live a new and improved lifestyle. Today, Gary is proud to call himself a professional network marketer.

Episode 25 - Paul Batz, Executive Thought Leader & Author

Date: March 11, 2019

Paul Batz is CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises, a leadership coaching and publishing firm. He is an inspirational leadership coach, best selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today.

Episode 24 - Lee Hutton, Lawyer For Kris Humphries & Diddy

Date: March 4, 2019

These two lawyers, partners at Hutton Kluz Evans, have experience representing some big names in entertainment as well as Fortune 500 companies and their executives. More specifically, Lee Hutton has represented celebrities such as Kris Humphries and Sean Combs in high-profile cases. Listen as they open up about litigation and what it takes to be a successful lawyer and businessperson.

Episode 23 - Suzanne Corso, From Falling In Love With A Notorious Mobster To Losing $100 Million

Date: February 25, 2019

Resilient Suzanne Corso grew up poor in Brooklyn with her Jewish grandmother and Catholic mother. As a teenager, she dated a notorious mobster who would later be sentenced to life in prison. Later in life, she would marry an ultra-successful market maker on the NYSE. In 2008, they would lose everything, their mansions, helicopter, yachts, and jewels. She is now a successful author and currently bringing her first book to the big screen.

Episode 22 - Steven Reeves, Business Lessons From VP, Legal

Date: February 18, 2019

Steven Reeves, an experienced corporate attorney and general counsel, joins us to provide a unique perspective on business.

Episode 21 - Brady Riesgraf & Bobby Talk Starting A Business At Age 15

Date: February 11, 2019

Brady Riesgraf, a close friend of Bobby’s since high school, joins the show. Brady, currently a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, started a landscaping business with Bobby at the age of fifteen. Listen in as Brady and Bobby talk lessons learned from growing the business as fledgling entrepreneurs.

Episode 20 - Marcus Whitney, Serial Entrepreneur & VC Investor

Date: February 4, 2019

Marcus Whitney's projects: Jumpstart Foundry, a health innovation seed fund for great entrepreneurs. Jumpstart Capital, a health innovation venture fund for companies ready to scale. Health:Further, an inclusive community of people committed to a brighter future of health. Nashville Soccer Club, Nashville's professional soccer club currently playing in the United Soccer League. The Unlikely Company, a public benefit corporation dedicated to inspiring and educating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Episode 19 - Alex Lieberman, CEO Of The Morning Brew

Date: January 28, 2019

CEO and Cofounder of Morning Brew, Alex Lieberman, opens up about his booming media company. The business provides a daily business email newsletter to nearly 1,000,000 young professionals everyday. Morning Brew is growing by about 40,000 readers per week.

Episode 18 - Steven Adams, A Dive Into Private Equity

Date: January 21, 2019

Steven M. Adams was a founding Partner and General Counsel of Wayzata Investment Partners ("Wayzata"), an investment manager located in Wayzata, Minnesota with approximately $8 billion under management. Prior to that, he was a Senior Attorney in the Law Department of Cargill, Inc. Listen to Steven Adams as he gives insight on the world of private equity.

Episode 17 - Gail Dorn, Target's Retired Spokesperson Talks Communication

Date: January 14, 2019

Gail Dorn is on the show today. She spent her entire career working for Target and served as Company Spokesperson, Target Foundation Director, and marketing and PR Warrior. She started as an intern at Target when they were a small Midwestern retailer and eventually held leadership roles as the company grew into a Fortune 100 company. Once retiring, she founded Catholic Schools Center of Excellence.

Episode 16 - Dr. Ron Mason Talks Business as a Doctor

Date: January 7, 2019

Dr. Ron Mason, an anesthesiologist, joins our show today. He has plenty of medical and business experience. Even though he still practices medicine, Ron has founded a number of businesses and is an experienced real estate investor. Listen in as he shares lessons learned from his residency, working in a high security prison hospital, and from the rest of his career.

Episode 15 - Trent Tucker, NBA Legend & Star

Date: December 31, 2018

Kelvin Trent Tucker, a retired professional basketball player who played 11 seasons in the NBA, is on the show. Trent led the University of Minnesota to a Big Ten Conference championship in 1982 and had an active role in making the Chicago Bulls a NBA champion in 1993. He talks the importance of discipline, unselfish leadership, and ingredients to success.

Episode 14 - Mark Norquist on Digital Marketing & Connecting with an Audience

Date: December 17, 2018

We speak with Mark Norquist, a digital marketing expert passionate about helping companies connect with others in more meaningful ways. His corporate experience includes being a Vice President at Effect Partners and Scout Media. Mark founded GreenHead Strategies and Greenhead Productions as well as Modern Carnivore.

Episode 13 - Mark Daoust, Master Of Online Business

Date: December 10, 2018

We speak with Mark Daoust, a serial entrepreneur who shares his expert knowledge on digital business. Two of his most recent and well-known ventures are Quiet Light Brokerage, a website brokerage firm, and Catholic Singles, a fast growing dating site. Before Quiet Light Brokerage, Mark founded an online publication and grew its subscriber base to 220,000 members. Mark has been a presenter at top conferences and seminars as well as a guest author for numerous publications.

Episode 12 - Howard Root, Five Years on the Feds' Hit-List

Date: December 3, 2018

We are excited to have Howard Root, founder of Vascular Solutions and author of Cardiac Arrest on our show. Howard’s story is incredible. He founded Vascular Solutions in 1997, took it public in 2000, and then sold it for $1 billion to Teleflex in 2017. Howard Root is most known for his recent five-year battle with the Department of Justice. After a lying whistleblower went to the DOJ with a false story about Vascular Solution, Howard ended up spending $25 million on 121 lawyers to stay out of prison.

Episode 11 - Bobby Mason Talks Future & Personal Advice

Date: November 26, 2018

At your request, we will be changing the format of the podcast to be longer with more guest-specific questions. In this specific episode, host (Bobby Mason) will answer the four quick fire questions Master The Start will ask guests at the end of each episode. Enjoy!

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