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Steven Reeves, an experienced corporate attorney and general counsel, joins us to provide a unique perspective on business.

General Transcript

[Steven talks about his past experience in law and hotel administration.]

Bobby: Here’s our random question: Who would you pick to be your imaginary friend?

Steven Reeves: Well, if my kids are listening to this, I’d say Jesus. Or Genghis Khan. A mix between Gengis Khan and Jesus. I mean Jesus knows some amazing things. Like I would really like to know if the universe really will be expanding for eternity or are the mathematicians wrong? Every single time I see a stupid article written about science by some social reporter, I could just look at it and then have a way to confirm that it’s not right. And then Genghis Khan because that guy has fought like 10% of the planet. He’s got game. I could teach my son… I mean, I don’t want my son to impregnate everyone in high school, but he could maybe learn a thing or two from Genghis. 

And I’m sure all my lawyer friends would answer this question saying, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg” or Hammurabi who wrote the first legal code.

Bobby: What skills does a young professional need to have out of college?

Steven Reeves: Writing. You need to be able to write an idea in a complete sentence without spelling and grammar mistakes. And it has to make sense. This is not a rant against the millennial cohort or something. It’s just that I get so many emails from younger people that are clearly not well thought out. You have to provide your audience with enough information and not too much information when writing to them.

Bobby: What do you have to give up for success?

Steven Reeves: Well I don’t know. I know plenty of people who are successful and very efficient that have great personal lives and lives outside of work. But I do think today you often times have to give up some of your personal life to become successful. You have to accept the consequences of what you are doing and striving for.

Bobby: Last question: What is one life hack that listeners can do this week to become successful?

Steven Reeves: My favorite life hack is that TED Talk on tying shoe laces the proper way. It shows you how to tie your laces into square knots that are stronger. Learn that this week.

Bobby: That is a great way to end the show. Thank you so much for joining us!


Some reminders from this podcast:

1. What should you know about law when starting a business? Make sure you know what you don’t know so that something doesn’t catch you by surprise and you can seek answers when necessary.

2. Writing is an important skill for young professionals that we can all work on.

3. THIS WEEK: Watch and learn from this TED Talk on how to tie your shoe laces the right way.




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