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Resilient Suzanne Corso grew up poor in Brooklyn with her Jewish grandmother and Catholic mother. As a teenager, she dated a notorious mobster who would later be sentenced to life in prison. Later in life, she would marry an ultra-successful market maker on the NYSE. In 2008, they would lose everything, their mansions, helicopter, yachts, and jewels. She is now a successful author and currently bringing her first book to the big screen.


[Suzanne talks about her past as a poor woman in Brooklyn to a rich wife in Manhattan living a lavish lifestyle. She opens up about wealth and what has kept her happy through the ups and downs.]

Bobby: Here’s our random question: If your five-year old self saw yourself today, what would you say?

Suzanne Corso: Wow, Suzanne… you did really good with the obstacles you had to face. I hope I can be as good as you. Because the way I ended up handling myself through everything was pretty good I think. And no regrets. What’s the point? You must always move on.

Bobby: What skills does a young professional need to have out of college?

Suzanne Corso: Confidence in yourself. Do not care about what others think of you. Period. It’s not being disrespectful to others… focus on yourself, your dreams, your future, while believing in something greater than yourself. You got to have the faith. And this type of confidence usually comes in your youth and how you’re brought up. My mother instilled confidence in me; she taught me that I am invaluable. And also, it has a lot to do with who you surround yourself with.

Bobby: What do you have to give up for success?

Suzanne Corso: You have to give up some of the hours of fun in your life and some of the people who no longer serve you. I hate to say it, but it’s true. Some people are toxic in your life and bring you down. You just have to move away from them. You’re not hurting them, you’re hurting yourself. I have friends who I talk to every six or seven months and we’re still close and reconnect. Those who will complain that you don’t call them enough, you can get rid of some of them.

So many people project their shit onto you. When someone goes to you and says something negative, you must realize they are really just talking about themselves. You have to realize that.

Bobby: How do you voice that to a friend when they project him or herself onto you?

Suzanne Corso: Well I’m blunt. You say it with no filter. You say, “You know you’re projecting your shit onto me right now, right?” I have no filter and speak with honesty. If the person doesn’t like what I have to say, then goodbye. Those type of people who aren’t offended by that are your real friends. They try to drain you.

Bobby: Last question: What is one life hack that listeners can do this week to become successful?

Suzanne Corso: They should go onto their social media apps right now and delete those people they no longer need. Delete those who drain you, who are overly negative and bring you down. After you do that, watch what happens in your life. It’s amazing. Your entire life will shift and deleting those people from your life will allow new, awesome people to enter your life. Do that this week, sift through social media and figure out who is dragging you down and get rid of them.

Bobby: That is a great way to end the show. Thank you so much for joining us! Hopefully we will talk again soon when you can speak more about your secretive Hollywood projects.


Some reminders from this podcast:

1. To become successful and chase your dreams, you must have confidence in yourself. You cannot get caught up in what others say about you and your dreams.

2. THIS WEEK: Go on social media and find those people who are bringing you down. Get these people out of your life to make room for those who will bring you positive energy.




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